Townhouse Logo has a variety of small pools, splash pools, plunge pools, free standing pools, above ground pools, inground pools, baby pools, kids pools, patio pools, party pools.

To suite most small gardens in townhouse complexes, sectional title complexes and estates.

Free Standing Fibreglass Plunge Pools

What make our free standing pools so unique?

Fibreglass manufactured and engineer designed to stand absolutely unsupported above ground  make these small free standing pools ideal to fit in most small complex, townhouse, sectional title and estates or for that mater any garden big or small.

Easy to transport and deliver to your property with any light vehicle and a flat bed trailer.

No special preparation necessary just make sure the surface the pool will be placed on is free and clear of any pointy or hard objects and that it is even and level.

Pre manufacture fibreglass panels are available to insert onto the pool sides to provide a cosmetic look and finish to the pool shell. However for the free thinkers and DIY enthusiast the sky is the limit to design any panel finish to there taste or likening.

Additional ad on accessories  can be added to the pool as your budget allow, all plug and play.

The Free standing pool range are designed to last for years as appose to any plastic type pools. And will provide  your family and friends with hours of fun in the sun.

Semi Free Standing Fibreglass Plunge Pools

What make our semi free standing pools so unique?

Fibreglass manufactured and engineer designed to stand above ground but does require additional support like the pre manufactured timber side 

panels / box. But the DIY enthusiast can construct a brick and cement structure / box or timber decking for the pool structural supporting surround. 

NB. These pools do require a solid and level base or floor to stand on.

Small In Ground Fibreglass Splash Pools

All the above pools can also be installed inground including the one’s in our range as inground small pools only

With the growing demand in smaller and compact living lifestyles so has gardens also gotten smaller and smaller over the years.

Now its is possible for most owners and tenants to have an small pre fabricated Fibreglass pool installed inground in less then 5 days in many townhouse, complexes and estates.

For the DIY enthusiast with a good construction understanding can these small splash pools be installed in a couple of days.

We offer installation assistance and also full installation packages on request

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